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Cathedral of St Michael and St George

Pledged Giving

We publish our statement of Income and Expenses monthly.

The Cathedral relies on the generous giving by its members for the bulk of its operating income. Parishioners of the Cathedral give by two methods

  1. Unplanned loose plate collection
  2. Pledged giving

Plate Collection

While loose plate collection is gratefully accepted, from the point of view of those charged with the good stewardship of the Cathedral's finances the unplanned plate collection is very clearly a second best option, simply because the Cathedral treasurer cannot budget accurately this income.

Pledged Giving

Pledged giving is the preferred method of receiving income. It is planned and can be budgeted and relied upon.

The quarterly summaries of the indivual pledges and the donations against those pledges will be sent by email or post to each of the pledged givers

Join the Pledged Giving Programme

If you would like to join the pledged giving programme please ask Wayne Jayes ( for a Pledge number and a pledge form. Fill out the pledge form and drop it in the collection plate. A pack of pledge envelopes will be sent to you, as easy as that

Electronic Funds Transfer

You can make your pledged gifts by electronic funds transfer to:

First National Bank, Grahamstown branch
Branch code 210717
Account name: Cathedral of St Michael & St George.
Cheque account number: 52320792164