People and Places, September 2015

After two fruitful years as a YASC volunteer at the Cathedral, Paul Daniels II had to return to the United States in August. On Sunday 16 August he was given a rousing farewell at the 09:30 service, at which the choir sang two traditional African American spiritual songs, and Paul himself preached one of his challenging sermons. Afterwards the whole congregation and choir repaired to St George’s Hall, which was brightly decorated with South African and US flags, and where the refreshments included popcorn, for speeches, songs and a presentation. Paul’s ministry has been appreciated by young and old alike and he will be missed. We pray for him as he sets out on the next step in his journey.

We welcome Christopher Matya, who succeeds Eunice Ncwadi as Cathedral Verger. He brings experience to the job, having been Verger here back in the time of Roy Barker. And warm thanks to Lunga Dongwana, who despite his involvements as Head Server and a Lay Minister, is now teaching the Xhosa language Junior Church class which takes place in St George’s Hall.

News from Barbara and Wilf Stout is that their daughter-in-law has given birth to their first grandchild, a daughter Nerissa Rose. At the end of the year the Stouts will be leaving Arusha, Tanzania, to retire to Furnace in Scotland, which is not far from where Nerissa and her family live.

Claire Nye Hunter made a visit to Cape Town, to surprise her brother on the occasion of his 50th birthday. Charles Antrobus arrived back from a most enjoyable stay in Canada with his sister Shirley Horan and family, in time to be part of a Rhodes University Chamber Choir concert on 27 August. AJ Bethke continues to raise the already excellent standard of this choir, which gave a performance consisting almost entirely of South African music. They were about to leave on a concert tour visiting various Garden Route towns. Andrew Tracey was among the entertainers at a lunch-hour concert in the ILAM amphitheatre, and had the audience tapping their feet to his song about “Lovely Polyrhythm”

Prayers are asked for Jeanette Eve, who has had surgery and is recuperating at home. Thelma Neville had a fall and cracked her pelvis, which resulted in her having to be in a wheel chair. David Hodgson is undergoing tests to try to find out the reason for his repeated falls. Please pray for Joy Tandy, on the death of her sister Pam Askew, and for Chris Walwyn whose aunt Nan Sheppard has died.

June Venn ran a cake sale on Sunday 30 August, after each of the morning services. Congratulations to her and all those who baked, on raising over R1000.

Geoff Antrobus, Chair of the Good Shepherd School Trust, reports that the school has received an exciting gift of computer equipment from the Calabar Foundation. Not only that, but the Foundation is paying the salary of a facilitator to teach the children and teachers how to use the equipment. The sight of the little people queuing up for their turn to go in and use the computers is delightful. We thank God for the generosity which has made this possible.